The main contract available for the booking of entertainment is the VLEC 'Act as Known' contract which is principally used for the booking of acts for one-off dates or a short series.


Download a read-only PDF of the "Act as Known" contract.

There is also a VLEC Floorshow contract for the booking of artists making up variety floorshows. There are standard minimum rates for this contract.


Download a read-only PDF of the Floorshow Contract.



The Standard Contract for Overseas Engagements is for artists engaged as overseas chorus dancers. Similar terms to that contained to that in the “Floorshow” contract apply.


Download a read-only PDF of the Overseas Contract


A Standard Contract for Choreographers and Assistant Choreographers engaged by members of the VLEC for productions intended for presentation at Cruise Ships, Holiday camps, Theme Parks, Floor Shows and Trade Shows.


Download a read-only PDF of the Choreographers' Agreement and Contract