The Variety and Light Entertainment Council (VLEC) was formed in 1955 as the Variety and Allied Entertainments Council. It was not the result of government intervention, or any other regulatory authority, but was set up voluntarily by the Society of West End Theatre Managers, Theatrical Managers’ Association, Association of Touring and Producing Managers, Scottish Theatrical Proprietors and Management Association, The Agents’ Association Limited and the Variety Artistes’ Federation, which was subsequently incorporated into the British Actors’ Equity Association.


The business of variety and light entertainment is organised on totally different grounds from that of theatre. The venues are diverse, the artists often operate on a casual basis, and many agents and venues may use their own contracts.

The VLEC has full jurisdiction at any engagement where its standard contracts have been issued, be it a proprietary club, a working men’s club or a public house.


In essence, the function of the VLEC is to ensure the good order and practice of the variety and light entertainment industry, to ensure that the appropriate contract is used for every engagement and to resolve disputes, formally or informally.





Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Member Organisations
Part 3 - How the VLEC works
Part 4 - Standard Contracts
Part 5 - Role of joint secretaries
Part 6 - Dealing with disputes
Part 7 - Contract Users
Part 8 - Conclusion & Disclaimer

Appendix - "Act as known"


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